Our Professionals

Motivational Speaker:  Dr. Pender has years of experience speaking to both large and small audiences.  He has been an advocate for change whether it is a society or individually and has a relevant message for today that expresses 3 main concepts: “Never give up – Never give in”, “Listen” and “Believe in God and Believe in Yourself”.

Youth Mentor:  The heart of every nation is the youth.  Youth is Dr. Pender’s passion and he has spent many years investing in many lives.  His life’s reflection forms the basis of conversation and challenges each person to “be their best” against all odds.

Veterans Advocate:  From an enlisted man to Captain, Dr. Pender’s career in the military has brought him too many places including 2 Olympics, where he took gold as an Olympic champion.  He attributes all to God, strength, perseverance and the military.  Veterans’ rights are at the fore front of his personal agenda as he seeks to support those not only from the Vietnam War era, but who are currently struggling with war related issues.

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