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Have you been coached?

Since most of you are familiar with the term coach, some of you may not realize that you have already been coached in some capacity.  Take for instance a scene from your childhood.  Example: you were a child and you wanted to do something; like climbing up the monkey bars, but were scared. It was your parent or babysitter whom you trusted, that walked you through the daunting task by guiding you with their words.  You eventually found yourself at the top rung and you were elated.  Confidence was built in you in that moment and then you would find yourself trying it again and again until you mastered it.

Well that was being coached.  A coach doesn’t do it for you, but sees the potential in you and builds you up with wisdom and encouragement as you take the steps towards your goal.  Perhaps you are in need of a coach who will push you to your next level, or guide you in a transitional period.  I believe that everyone needs one at some point.  What do you think?

Action Item for this week: “Observe the progress of others who are successful” TouchPoints For Leaders (2004)