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Rev. Deborah Pender - CEO, The visionary behind the company, she has been successful at establishing and implementing previous programs that implement change. Inspired by leaders that have promoted Civil and Human Rights, Deborah has made it her lifelong mission to support and preserve the statement of belief that our country is founded on this truth, that we are “One nation under God with liberty and justice for all”, Pledge of Allegiance, Colonel George Balch (1887).

Rev. Pender received her ordination in 2002 and spent time as a pastor, missionary and motivational teacher of the Word of God. Traveling abroad, Deborah spent several years working in London England as an international pastor. Extending her work to Africa, she sought to support those that were developing clean drinking water and care of orphaned children. Returning to the United States, Rev. Pender went on to further her degrees in psychology, life coaching and Christian counseling from Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia. Today Deborah focuses her energies in volunteerism mentoring, counseling and coaching women through life’s transitional moments.

Rev. Deborah Pender brings to M & D Consulting Firm over 40 years of professional history as a business woman, entrepreneur and as a minister of the Gospel.